Google? Again? Really? – 2015-2016

Google contacted me again (see Google – 2000, Google – 2008, Google – 2014, Google Again – 2014, Google – 2015, and Google Again – 2015). I don’t really understand how I could keep failing and they still got in touch with me. This was a slightly different wrinkle:

I came across your resume and understand that you interviewed for a SWE role earlier this year.  However, your experience in a Leadership capacity caught my attention as I support our Technical Program Management job family.
This group combines hands on Engineering and project based leadership across a number of different areas of Google.  One that may be of interest is within our Chrome group.  Would you be interested in hearing more?

They also included a job description.

This was in mid-November. I indicated my interest:

Thanks for reaching out to me. It’s not often I can check off every single bullet point on the job description!
I have certainly had a few positions like this one in the past. I am interested.

We talked on the phone. They asked me good questions about my project management experience, particularly as part of the job I did at Apple. They indicated that they would talk to managers on the Chrome team.

And I waited.

And waited.

And then there were the winter holidays.

At the end of January, I sent a note to them:

At this point, two months later, it is obvious that I am no longer being considered for the positions you had open. Thanks for talking with me, and good luck in your searches.

And they wrote back:

My apologies for not closing the loop in regards to the Chrome OS team.  After sharing your information unfortunately there was not any interest in moving forward.  I sincerely apologize about not following up with this information sooner.


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