Sports Reference – 2021

You should really check out Ruth’s page at It’s something else.

As well documented in this blog, I have applied for many jobs doing baseball statistics analysis, primarily by applying to teams directly. One day, I saw an add for

The first site from their panoply of sports encyclopedia sites was, which is an incredible, indispensable source of baseball statistics, with cross-references and links everywhere and the ability to do very specific searches.

It was originally powered by the online database by Sean Lahman. When I was in a serious fantasy league founded by one the Baseball Prospectus guys, I would download the Lahman database every year, and spend a lot of time rationalizing my own data with it, developing projections, and mapping out my draft strategy.

In 1994, I wanted to do what Sean Lahman and Sean Forman did, but I did not have the time. Of course, I also wanted to develop an automated auction site, but one of my former coworkers beat me to that.

Anyway, I got an immediate rejection letter from Sean Forman himself.

The only reason I bring it up is that I saw this excellent article on Sports-Reference today:

FYI: It wants you to run off ad blockers or subscribe at $4.95/month or something.

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