Houston Astros – 2015

The site for sports jobs, TeamWork Online, posted an event hosted by the Houston Astros in Minute Maid Park. Basically, it was a job fair:

TeamWork Online’s Teammate Networking Events give you a chance to expand and grow your network with key senior level executives within the sports industry. Following the event every attendee will watch the Houston Astros take on the Los Angeles Angels of Ahaneim- your ticket is included with your registration. Bring plenty of business cards to pass out to all the people that you will meet!

They promised that there would be an executive there with “Director Business Strategy & Analytics” in their title. I was hoping to meet him, and talk to him about the data analytics department. This thing was expensive; I had to pony up $70, and I had to drive to Houston from Austin, and pay parking, and stay overnight… Oy.

I got there, and found 3 other fellows also wanting to talk about positions with data analytics. One was a former “quant” with a financial firm in Houston who wanted to have his soul back, and the other was a recent college grad with stars in his eyes.

After standing around consuming appetizers and sodas for a while, I finally met the coordinator of the event. When I asked about the person I wanted to meet, he told me that that person had had to cancel, as he was entertaining MIT seniors, graduates, and alumni.

Hmph. The nerve. I bet he hired people from that bunch as well.

At least I finally got to see Mike Trout live. He went 2-4, with two singles. And the Astros won. Yay.

Fortunately, I was happy about the game, but would have been happier with my family there.

Otherwise, a complete waste of time and money.

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