Unknown “Stealth” Startup – 2018

A fellow dropped me a note on LinkedIn:

I’m starting a new company. It’s in stealth but we’ve already sourced our seed round and are now starting our search for a tech lead. I came across your profile and thought we should chat. Your experience as a software engineer and manager sounds very valuable for what we’re building. 

For some quick context, I most recently was the Founder and CEO of <some company I’d never heard of>. We raised $50m, built <something or other>

My next venture is a platform that “turns your house into a home.” If this mission/vision sounds at all interesting to you, lets find a time to chat so we can discuss further and see if this is the right fit.

Let me know and we can set a time.

I responded that I would be happy to chat with him, but I was very happy where I was. Getting in on the ground up was appealing, but it would have to be a great opportunity. So we set up a call.

He called me, and described what he had in mind. They were going to build a site that homeowners would get access to when they bought a house with targeted ads, promotions, and coupons from places like Comcast and Home Depot.

I gave me thoughts on what kind of products they would need, and what kind of scale the backend would need, as well as some guesses on how much money it would take to get off of the ground.

He told me he was very impressed, and asked if I were interested in getting it off the ground.

And I told him honestly, this space did not interest me in the least.

I wished him luck, and have not heard anything else from him. And looking back on his LinkedIn profile, it looks like it did not get started anyway.