Two Sigma Investments – 2020

I got a LinkedIn message from a recruiter:

I’m working with one of the largest global hedge funds actively looking to build out their Software and Infrastructure teams. They are urgently looking to bring skilled engineers to build out their team as they move into a pure CI/CD environment.

You would play a key role in the long term vision and strategy for one of several teams across research, trading and critical infrastructure. My client offers great career growth and can offer VERY lucrative compensation packages ($300k -$500k total doe).

Please let me know of a convenient time for us to have a brief chat to discuss this opportunity.

Hmm. That money looked great, but I went through the ringer the last time I interviewed with a hedge fund company (see Bridgewater Associates – 2012). Still, I could not ignore that money, even if it meant moving to New York.

We traded messages back and forth, and setup a phone conversation.

Eventually, she responded:

Thank you for chatting with me earlier today. Just wanted to follow-up with a reminder to pass me along your resume at your earliest convenience so I can proceed with those introductions.

I got an update from Two Sig and it looks like they would like to schedule you for a preliminary phone interview. This would be an HR call in nature, mainly to see what your overall interests are and to tell you more about their teams.

And I talked to them. The fellow I talked to was very interested in infrastructure, and architecture of systems. Very skeptical of latency and security of cloud-based systems. I don’t felt like we really connected.

They did not get back to me for a long time, so I poked the recruiter, and she finally responded:

Hi Syd, it seems they are looking to pass at this time – no feedback was provided. However, I can pass along any opportunities that fit your background in your area as they come across my desk.

I told her that I was happy where I was, and thank you.

And that day, the world shut down. NCAA cancelled March Madness, MLB cancelled the rest of spring training, and the NBA suspended the season. 10 days earlier, Indeed had sent everybody home to work.

The Pandemic was upon us.

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