Retail Me Not – 2015

Got this email from a recruiter:

We’re growing our Engineering team and I thought you’d be a great person to speak with. Would you be interested in hearing about new opportunities?
Let me know if that’s of interest to you or brings to mind anyone who might be good for me to speak with, I’d be glad to sync up on the phone and discuss further at your convenience. I’ve also included our link so you can check out the company. Thanks!

That’s funny. The guy that fired me from Lombardi was VP of Engineering at Retail Me Not.
I emailed back:

Your VP of Engineering fired me from Lombardi. I don’t think I would be good fit. You are welcome to submit my resume, but I doubt he would bite.

I got this response:

I spoke with him and he agreed that he didn’t think it would be a good match. He had positive things to say about you but didn’t see a fit between your experience and what we’re ideally looking for.

Let’s definitely stay in touch. I’d love to reconnect when we have something come up that is a better match.

He had positive things to say about me? That’s actually nice. I was happy with that.

As for staying in touch, I am still (kinda) waiting…

Oh, and that VP was let go after a couple of more years. I don’t wish him ill, but I am sure he landed on his feet anyway.


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