War of Attrition – 2014

Late 2013 – mid 2014 was a busy busy time. I was employed full-time, but was not happy with pay or benefits. I interviewed at several high-powered places, and a startup. It was a lot to keep up with. I made this table to keep track of everything.

Date Apple Klink Mozilla Google Amazon Golden Frog New York Yankees
2013-12-02 Interviewed in Cupertino Friend says I should apply
2013-12-04 Applied
2013-12-05 Keep me happy email received
2013-12-09 Another keep me happy email
2013-12-11 Friend refers me to VP who is another friend
2013-12-13 Told me that they would make permanent offer
2013-12-20 Sent email to hiring manager for several positions
2014-01-03 Accepted permanent offer Contacted me via LinkedIn
2014-01-06 Turned down Phone screen
2014-01-08 Hiring manager sends me email
2014-01-09 Applied and immediately turned down
2014-01-10 Talked to manager of one team
2014-01-13 Email received
2014-01-14 Talked to friend from Google
2014-01-21 Contact from LinkedIn
2014-01-23 Another phone screen
2014-01-27 Technical Phone Screen Phone Interview
2014-01-28 Technical Phone Screen
2014-01-29 Technical Phone Screen Technical Phone Screen Turned down
2014-02-10 Onsite Interview – Seattle
2014-02-18 Onsite Interview – Mountain View
2014-02-20 Onsite Interview – Mountain View
2014-02-21 Turned down
2014-03-03 Offer made Turned down
2014-03-07 Offer accepted
2014-03-10 Announcement that Klink was shutting down
2014-04-08 Mozilla CEO scandal – manager reconfirming acceptance
2014-04-10 Last day at Klink
2014-04-21 First day at Mozilla

So, at the end of this process, the company I had been working at disappeared, and I got only one offer rom the other places I interviewed at. The real bummer is that all of the other opportunities were software developer or software manager positions, but the offer was for a QA job. That was disappointing. Nonetheless, I needed the work.

Welcome to Mozilla.

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