Novice Recuiter – 2010

Perhaps learning something about technology would have meant that:

  1. She would have known I wouldn’t be a fit.
  2. She could have found somebody who was.

Text inline:

I reviewed your resume on Dice and believe you might be a match for a full time permanent position I am recruiting for in downtown Austin, Texas.  I am a recruiter’s assistant to our Recruiting Manager, Xxxxx Xxxxx.  As a result, I am not well versed in all of the technical knowledge and would ask you to carefully review this job description to determine whether or not a match.  If you truly believe we have a match, please e-mail back your resume in word or pdf format and I will have (my manager) reach out to you direct at the phone number you provide.  I have tried to supply as much information about this opportunity and company to ensure we don’t waste yours or our time.  Please read in full before sending me a resume.
This is probably not going to go well.
Full Time Permanent Position
Software Development/Software Consulting Company
Downtown Austin, Texas
We are looking for software implementation consultants who have experience working in professional services groups within software companies.  In some cases they may have worked for system integrators.  Their titles may include Associate, Consultant, Senior Consultant, Engineer, Sales Engineer, Solution Architect,Implementation Consultant, Application Engineer, or Software
Well, that’s certainly not me, although “Engineer” sometimes worked. “Application Engineer” usually means .NET stuff, which I don’t have.
Our ideal candidate is someone who knows something about Alfresco (that’s an “A plus” candidate for sure), but just having experience in or near the ECM domain would be great (“A minus” candidate).  These domains might include Enterprise Content Management, Web Content Management, Content Management, Document Management, Archiving, Records Management, Scanning, Imaging, Digital Asset Management, Contract Management, etc.
I had NOTHING in this area on my resume. Why was I contacted?
The candidates have certain technical skills.  They do have experience implementing J2EE-based enterprise software solutions, also referred to as Java Web Application Development; familiarity with MVC frameworks such as Spring MVC; and experience with Front-End Web Development (CSS, JavaScript, Markup).
Well, I have this experience now, but not in 2010.
The candidates have experience with “software implementation”.  What we mean by that is that they have been client facing and have experience gathering requirements, documenting systems, demonstrating software, installing and configuring software, extending or lightly customizing the software, adapting business processes, rolling the software out to users, supporting users during the implementation, training users, and making recommendations on how to leverage and get more value from the software beyond the current implementation.
Also,  these candidates do have BS/BA degrees.
This paragraph makes my head hurt. I have to have experience with “software implementation”. Hmm. I think I can “check” that one-off.
This looks more like a recruiting training manual. There was more, but my favorite is:
Our client is looking for that incredibly rare intersection of outstanding people skills, top technical expertise, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Our client runs a lean shop with as little overhead as possible, so candidates must be very self-directed and know when to ask for help.
So reading between the lines:
  • They want a superstar
  • Who can make their managers feel good about them.
  • And works long hours
  • With no other help.

Wow. This was just terrible. I was nice when I told here I wasn’t qualified. But wow.

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