Product7 – 2008

Lombardi used offshore QA and developers. They hired a company called TestCo, and TestCo hired people for us, mostly in the Ukraine.

I got an email one day from a person I knew from TestCo:

As you know I left TESTCo this year to start Product7 ( We deliver rapid and low cost ‘pay as you go’ iterative web product development using Ruby on Rails.

So far our primary market has been early stage start-ups and entrepreneurs, but several of our customers are larger organizations that are using us to prototype and build internal and customer facing initiatives.

Let me know if you’re free fro lunch of coffee in the next few weeks and I’ll give you the full pitch, and catch up on how you’re doing.

First of all, it was nice to be appreciated. I get the impression that not many people actually employed at Lombardi had that high opinion of me after I was fired.

Secondly, this person was a nice fellow, and we had traveled to Kiev together for business, so I got to know him a little bit.

When I look at their website now, it appears that all that is left is blog entries, and at some point, they embraced React, which a lot of web developers did. But it does not look that active.

At the time that this person contacted me, I still knew next to nothing about web development, and so, I politely declined. Looks like that was the correct decision.


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