Epic Systems – 2008

Getting email about jobs when you are unemployed gets your attention.


I am a recruiter at Epic Systems Corporation in Madison, WI.  I saw your resume on Monster.com and I think you would be a match for one of the many technical positions we are hiring including: software development, problem solver (technical services), electronic data interchange, and server systems/database administration.

Combine creativity, math and software development in a way that can save lives.  You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with the brightest minds in the healthcare industry and make a difference, while enjoying a casual work environment (jeans, shorts, sandals) and great benefits.

Relocation to Madison, WI is required and covered.  Epic is sponsoring visas for our software development and electronic data interchange positions.

For more information and to apply online, visit www.epicsystems.com/jobs.

If you do not feel like this position is a match for you, please check out the variety of technical and non-technical openings at www.epicsystems.com/jobs.

If you have questions, visit our FAQ at www.epicsystems.com/jobs.

This recruiter has no name. The Subject: line said Letter, and the From: was Epic. The Reply-To: said jobs@epicsystems.com. So I didn’t hold out hope for a personal connection with the recruiter.

I am sure that Madison, WI, is a lovely town. I am also sure that I still don’t like winter or snow. Medical software wasn’t all that interesting, but then again, I just came from Business Process Management software, which was about as dull as beige paint in a bathroom with no windows, so maybe I shouldn’t be that picky. Notice that there are two spaces after periods in this email.

Maybe if they did not believe me that I was a developer 8 years after taking management jobs I could be a “problem solver”. I wonder if I could get that on my business card. And there aren’t that many positions who list “math” as a requirement. That could mean a lot of things. Does it require algebra? geometry? probability and statistics? differential equations? multi-variable calculus? differential geometry? I was (and still am) quite rusty on most of those; the most advanced math I have used in my professional life was trigonometry.

I don’t appear to have answered this one, which is not terribly surprising, given the location.

At least the company is still alive. Or at least its website is.

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