VMWare – 2008

Email from recruiter:

Dear ______,

I am ___ _______ I work for VMWare.

I found you on the internet. I work in the CPD group Continuing Product Development team.
I wanted to see if you are open to new job opportunities or you know someone that is.
I am looking for Individuals that have very strong skills as a Software Engineering Manager with strong linux packaging.
If you are interested or know some one that you could refer, I would look forward in hearing from you.
So, each sentence on its own line. Punctuation and capitalization errors.
I had been contacted by VMWare a couple of times before (here and here), so I knew what they were about. I had no doubt that I could do well there. Ah, but the key point… I wrote back:
I am located in Austin, TX. I assume that this opportunity is in Silicon Valley? I am not actually interested in moving back anytime soon.
and never heard from that recruiter again…

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