Cognizant Technology Solutions – 2007

Email arrived late one evening:

Found your info on your website. Interested to speak with you re: Lombardi. Not sure if you’re looking for a new opportunity or not, but would like to speak with you anyway. Fwd me a resume in .doc format and let me know of a convenient time to talk.

Signed as a recruiter. Fishing for somebody to shop around. The telephone number they gave was a Concoard/Walnut Creek number, so most likely, the companies he was working for were back in California. I had only been at Lombardi a few months, so I wrote back this short quip:

I am not interested in changing jobs at this time.


I really had not had that much experience yet with recruiters, but I had worked with better ones than this. .doc format? Oh, that’s right, in 2007, it was easy to generate a PDF on a Mac but not on Windows. And most people were on Windows. Giving me some idea of what kind of work it is, where it is located, and oh, I don’t know, THE COMPANY NAME, might make me more amenable to talking.

Of course, often recruiters for startups are not allowed to divulge the company name. I hate that game.

So, no.

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