Motorola – 2006

I got an email from a recruiter:


My name is XXXX and I am a member of the Staffing Organization at Motorola.   We have reviewed the resume that you have posted online and would like to invite you to consider opportunities within our Motorola’s Mobile Devices Group.  Currently we have a large number of xProducts engineering opportunities available in our Sunnyvale, CA facility.  If you or anyone that you know have an interest in learning more about these opportunities, please click on the link below and apply to the openings that match your background.  Applying to the link below will ensure that your resume will be reviewed .

To learn more about xProducts please take a  look at the information below.

xProducts and Motorola’s Road to #1

Motorola is a #2 manufacturer of mobile devices. To become #1 and stay #1, Motorola will have to deliver wickedly compelling experiences that are simply and seamlessly integrated into Motorola’s award-winning form factors.

The Global xProducts Group will focus on creating these compelling experiences and the ecosystem around these experiences jointly with our external partnersships. This group will help drive Motorola down the path to #1, with an emphasis on ‘future innovation

The Global xProducts Group will be

  • x-perience driven for the end-consumer
  • x-ternally focused on co-creating experiences and devices with key strategic partners
  • x-celerating the building of new skills required to develop and deliver amazingly compelling experiences

The group will co-create consumer experiences with key strategic partners and develop devices to deliver no-compromise consumer experiences;

Kodak and Imaging Experience:

By incorporating Kodak’s image science and system integration expertise with Motorola iconic mobile device design, the two companies will greatly improve the ease-of-use in image capture and photo management experience of camera phones. Additionally, the cooperation to seamlessly integrate millions of Motorola mobile devices with Kodak home printers, retail kiosks, and the KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery will finally provide an answer to those consumers who desire a quick and easy way to get their images out of the phone for sharing with friends and family.

Google and Search:

Motorola will enable one-click access to Google mobile services on Motorola devices so that the consumers can easily connect directly to Google services anytime, anywhere . By featuring Google on Motorola handsets, Motorola will make it easier for consumers to reach the information they need when they need it and provide a high quality mobile search experience – one familiar to and loved by millions of users across the globe.


Motorola will collaborate with Yahoo to provide consumers with easy access to Yahoo!’s core products and services on millions of Motorola mobile devices. Consumers will have easier access to the types of Yahoo! services consumers know and love. By aligning with Motorola Yahoo! will be providing millions of Yahoo! users with the opportunity to connect to their Yahoo! services on the devices they use

How weird was the world before smart phones. This is a fascinating look at what a company that was basically doomed was doing before the world changed.

I replied:

I am only interested in positions outside of California. If I stay here, I am happy with my current job.

This was x-actly the wrong company for me anyway.


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