Gulf Coast Oilfield Equipment – Winter 1987


“Hello, Mr. ____?”

The voice on the other end of the phone sounded familiar.

“This is Jim from Gulf Coast Oilfield Equipment. You interviewed with us a few weeks ago. How are you doing today?”

That’s right. I interviewed for them in Sugar Land. Actually, I was surprised it took me a while to recognize him since I only had one office interview that semester. Puzzled, I answered, “Fine.”

He said, “Listen, we have an opening in our office in Boulder, Colorado, and wondered if you would be interested in interviewing for it. Good location, good benefits, paid relocation…”

I thought about it for a minute.

“I just accepted a job here in Houston, and I think I had better honor that commitment. I have been working part-time with them for a while, and am in the middle of a project.”

“Well, that’s great for you, and a shame for us! Sure I couldn’t change your mind?”

I remember what my boss at StyleWare said about royalties. I remembed that most of my best friends were working at StyleWare. I remember the promise of eventually working on the Mac when we did our product for it later in 1988.

I also thought about having to deal with snow with my asthma and eczema.

“No, sir. I am happy with my decision. I really thank you for thinking of me, and calling though, and wish you luck on your search.”

He sighed. “OK. Do you have my number?”

I took it down when he gave it to me. He continued. “If you change your mind, please give me a call.”

“OK. Thanks so much. Bye, and have a Happy Holidays.”

Dejectedly, he said, “You, too!”, and hung up.

I should have at least gone up to Boulder and interviewed. I did make it to Boulder many years later; I would have loved an evening or two there, even if the job didn’t work out, and even if there was snow.

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