Introduction – Ground Rules

Hello. I am a veteran software professional, working in all aspects of software development. This blog is about my adventures of getting a job in tech, or in being recruited for jobs in tech. It will mostly be chronological, starting in the mid 1980’s, and eventually catching up to whatever is current. This is a journey still happening. There are highs and lows. There are funny stories. There are frustrating stories. And there is the downright absurd.

I hope you enjoy them.

Some ground rules I plan to follow:

  • I will not use personal names.
  • I WILL use most company names, when I can remember them.
  • When talking about technical screens, I will not be disclosing the problems I had to solve.

Any exceptions to these rules will be noted in the posts where they appear.

I am going to stay somewhat anonymous during this process.

Let’s see where we go!


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