About Google+

Google+ is shutting down. I have posted every blog entry to Google Plus, and have gotten very few referrals/hits from it.

Given its security problems and its general failure as a social network, it needs to go. However, the science accounts I follow on it are fantastic, and are presented in a much more pleasing manner. So I will miss that.

I will continue to post this blog on WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and MeWe. Hopefully, if you are reading this on Google+, you can find another way to continue to do so after it is shut down.

Thanks for your support.


Wayport – 2008

A good friend of mine from college heard I was looking and asked for my resume. That day, I got a call from a recruiter at Wayport, the guys who had been doing WiFi for McDonald’s among others.

I eventually talked to a VP at Wayport. We talked about general QA and management philosophy. Honestly, I don’t remember much, and my notes had nothing interesting in them.

I did, however, continue to ping the recruiter, and my friend, about the position. I finally got this reply:

Thanks for your email. I will pass along your regards to [the VP] and wish
you luck in your job search. At this time [the VP] is still interested in
pursuing other candidates.

Hey, at least they told me.